There is a diamond inside all of us
waiting to be unveiled
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  • Your Emotions and productivity
  • Delight your Customer
  • Grooming and business Etiquette
  • You are wired for something
  • Created for Impact
  • Effective communication
  • Your health is your wealth


This should come with a warning: If you have made great decisions, great turns in life, you did not hurt anyone, your emotions are always intact these talks may not be for you.

Yaya Rudo is the sister-come-teacher you never had. Her calling is to bring hope to the broken. She reminds us that we are not beyond salvage.
If you have made bad choices, wrong turns, if you have hurt others , burnt bridges reached rock bottom- the only way is up. Her vivid real life stories remind us that we are never alone. Everyone needs a Yaya Rudo some times.

Training for:

Work place teams,
Sports teams,
Church groups,
Youth groups

  1. You are wired for something
  2. Make Lemonade-put a spin to your negative experience - let it work in your favor.
  3. Created for Impact
  4. Career guidance in Sports
  5. Starting small

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