There is a diamond inside all of us
waiting to be unveiled
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Yaya Rudo is a Skills Development Facilitator, African Storyteller, Author and television actress.
She has trained many Customer Care teams, helping organizations to not only enhance their bottom line but delight their customers.
Yaya strongly believes that there is a diamond inside all of us waiting to be unveiled.

Often we need a push and reassurance for the best of us to surface.
On social media Yaya is known as a lemonade maker, dedicated to turn bad experiences around and make them work in our favour.

Powered by Ngwena TV Yaya is able to share real life stories and reach all corners of the world reminding viewers that they are not beyond salvage.


As part of empowering individuals, Yaya speaks to the work force, youth groups, sports teams and church groups.

She believes that we are first people with real strengths and weakness before we are clerks, managers or even CEOs at the work place.
The emotional side has to be addressed in order for the individual to be productive at home and at the work place.
This has made the course "Your Emotions and Productivity" one of her most popular training programs.

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The Return

The Return highlights the challenges faced by one woman as she makes efforts to re-enter society after doing time. Ruth served three years in prison for arson, and then came home to a lot of traumatizing changes and situations.

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Originally published: 1 January 2007



How do you even start to forgive? -We have an abused handsome medical doctor and a pretty but stigmatised albino girl.The handsome young man Booker, discovers who abused him. The pretty girl September-Rain, discovers the woman she regarded as a mother was not her biological mother. Is it even possible for two people riddled with huge unresolved issues to move on?


Juni Eyeball Learns to Care

Are you going to kill my dad?” Regis Jnr Dzenga ( Yaya’s son), then 4 years old, asked the robbers during an armed robbery at their Bedfordview home. The Juni Eyeball Crime Buster Series aims to restore basic values in children with a long term vision of curbing crime.

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There comes a time In life when you encounter brilliance and the extraordinary.

Such encounters don't just inspire you but they give you permission to become extraordinary and to pursue your own brilliance.
Such is every encounter with Yaya.
Encounter her and encounter your extraordinary brilliance.

- Coach Taf
Wow, what a lesson. Failure to anticipate makes one as good as dead.
I will forever anticipate, anticipate and anticipate more.

- Tinei Mutsago

Excellent, I am encouraged to deal with any situation with an open mind and courage, thanks to you Yaya Rudo.

- Carolin Gatsi
Thank you Yaya for reminding me that besides my weaknesses and all the wrong turns I have made in life I can still make lemonade

- Jane Jothams

There are some things you just do not learn at college it is a special calling and Yaya has it , it shows in her speeches

- M Makura

Need a Hug?

You are not alone. A problem shared is half solved.

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